Great leaders don’t go it alone.


They have allies and travel companions.

Think of Q and Bond. Yoda and Luke Skywalker. Aunty May and Spiderman. Spock and Captain Kirk.


I am the thinking leader’s ally.

I offer pragmatic, empowering, and fun support for leaders and their teams.

All eyes are on you as a leader

Leadership can be a lonely business. It’s not something that gets much airtime but it’s a real thing. I know from my own experience of leading teams for almost 2 decades.

Did you know half of CEOs feel lonely in their role and the majority recognise that this gets in the way of how they perform?

That sucks!

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You are a change agent with power and influence. With that power comes responsibility and also tremendous opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. 

Leadership can be fun and meaningful. Leadership can be empowering and fulfilling.

Let’s take the loneliness out of leadership.  

Are you ready to have your own wing woman?

Executive Coaching

Creative and generative conversations for the experienced professional.

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Team Coaching

Helping teams find their unique superpower to leverage their unique potential as change agents.

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I'm Catherine

When I’m not creating playlists for the dancefloor, I am helping passionate, driven leaders level up in their leadership role, and turn up the power of their teams. When you are able to bring your best self, you are able to be the change your company and community need. 

I have a vibrant mind, a devilish sense of humour, and a huge heart. I bring empathy and tough questions. Frank openness and fun. I am a reflective thinker and creative problem solver. Analytical and intuitive.

You can throw anything at me.

Really, nothing scares me as it scares you. I’ve seen it all before. Much of it in my own life and I’ve survived and thrived.


(or as my American friends like to say, I got your 6!)

Since 2012, I've been entrusted by




Leadership Teams


companies to coach executives and teams


All adding up to over 1800 hours of coaching 

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"Coaching with Catherine is like having a BF who knows more about life than you!”

"I worked with Catherine at a pivotal moment in my corporate career and she had incredible skill and compassion. She nudged me along the path of self-inquiry. I changed my life through our coaching by getting to know myself, what I was truly capable of and how I wanted to shape my life. She has an uncanny way to mix frank openness and tact. She shows empathy yet remains impartial. She's insightful and offers new perspectives and yet creates a vast space to cultivate your own understanding. She’s a paradox that you just can’t live without."


Founder, Wonky House


"Talking to Catherine helped me breathe again. She just understood the weight of the burdens I felt as a CEO."


"As a CEO, there is so much pressure and expectations. It doesn’t feel acceptable to struggle but with Catherine I could be very open and honest, and I never felt judged.  I thought I had to be strong everywhere. She set me on the right path and helped me build a solid foundation of self-awareness with a toolset that I could apply quickly and practically after our sessions. My work with Catherine was eye-opening and cathartic."


CEO, Fitsense


“Catherine helped me find my mojo!”


"When we started coaching, I wasn’t meeting my own expectations of my role, and I was beating myself up. It was a dream job that had come off the rails. Not getting results really hurt. In such a senior role, I felt it was down to me. It’s really lonely on a leadership team. 

Our conversations were sometimes terrifying and vulnerable, but I always felt like I had been hugged at the end, leaving feeling so much better and able to do what I know I am good at. I found my mojo again!”


Head of Consulting, NTT DATA UK

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